Alexandra Manukyan was born and raised in Armenia. She graduated from Fine Art College, and subsequently State Pedagogical University, where she majored in Teaching Fine Arts.

Upon Immigrating to Los Angeles in 1990, Alexandra's focus turned towards 

Upon Immigrating to Los Angeles in 1990, Alexandra's focus turned towards fashion. She graduated from fashion school and worked in the industry as a designer for two decades. She also studied Graphic Design in various colleges. Her experience in Graphic Design gave her the opportunity to branch into the entertainment industry by becoming a freelancer and creating movie posters for various entertainment agencies.

Alexandra began participating in numerous international, and local solo and group exhibitions since 2006. In 2012, Alexandra left the fashion and entertainment industries to focus on fine art. Today, she teaches from her studio and creates artwork using the technical, and creative experience she has gained over the years.



I work in different series that cover different themes, issues, and concepts, but the

central theme that unites all of my paintings is human connection. The paintings

examine what seem to be separate and isolated life experiences and look for the

connections to, and impacts on, other people hidden in them.

The "masks" and the accompanying identities we all assume depend on the life roles

we must play. They obstruct the conscious mind from acknowledging what unites us:

our shared experiences of pain, loss, desire, the need for acceptance, and the quest for

personal serenity.

I also portray images of strong women with almost god-like capabilities to impact

the animals and environments around them. They are fierce and in control, which, as I

show, may be detrimental to their surroundings. This is a topic that runs passionately in

my heart, and I hope through my art I can provoke the realization that right now, we, as

a species, have the opportunity to stop this downward trend of destruction to this planet,

our home.

In all of my paintings, the viewer is rewarded with new worlds to explore. First, you are

invited to learn the story of the figures. Their expressive postures are enhanced by

beautifully draped garb and jewelry, most of which were also made by myself. I combine

heavy with soft, rigid with fluid to create a dramatic union of contrasts that invoke a

sense of compelling wonder. The women are strong and beautiful, depicting the balance

of grace and power. Their striking sense of self lures you in just to push you away. Their

environments are rich, deep, and mysterious. Subtle details encourage viewers to

explore and find more meaning and depth the further they go.

Though extensive thought, intention, and planning go into all of my pieces before I begin

painting, I allow myself the flexibility to adapt while the brush touches the canvas. This

is where I welcome you to explore the second world of my paintings. As you venture

closer to the canvas, the figures melt away and become a landscape of expressive,

emotional, and energetic brushstrokes. Thick impasto becomes heavy contours to

explore in the light, delicate skin of the figures. Traditional oil painting techniques give

way to moments of stark emotion. Look closely; truths and confessions are found in the


I encourage you to experience my paintings at all levels: the macro level that expresses

my message and the micro level that expresses my emotions. The further you venture,

the more you will find moments and messages that speak to you.